The Anchorage Design in the Hydropower Station—Indirect Analogy of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

The indirect analogy was applied widely in the three underground chambers in Hydropower Station. Though it can not explained clearly in theory that how the self drilling anchor bolt and the shotcrete work to support the underground structure, it is not argued the success was achieved in practice. Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt is a […]

The Detailed Rules of the Advance Anchor Bolt Construction Technology

The mainline tunnel in this section is mainly shallow tunnel with large cross-section. The grade of the surrounding rock is form IV to V class. The geological condition is relatively poor. According to the project situation, the self drilling anchor bolt was chosen as the basic supporting equipment considering the convenient construction and low cost. […]

The Construction Instruction of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in the Jihe Motorway

The Jihe Motorway is the important part of the expressway network in Shanxi province. It is from the Ji county to the east of Hejiazhuang in Hejin city. This project is located in mountainous and hilly area. There are high mountain and deep valley which is criss-cross along the line. The geological conditions is complex […]

The Reconstruction Project of Chinese National Museum Sinorock Involved Won China Building Construction Luban Awards

Chinese National Museum is located in the east of Tiananmen Square, which was opposite the Great Hall of the People. The total construction area of 191900 ㎡. The north-south length is 319.60m, the east-west width is 194.80m and building height is 42.5m. The reconstruction project of Chinese National Museum Sinorock involved won China Building Construction […]

The Beijing Subway Line 10 Guomao Station Designed by Sinorock Placed Second in the National Science and Technology Progress Award

The Beijing subway line 10 Guomao station is a large interchange station and to transfer with metro line 1. Its position is under the Guomao overpass, where the bridge piers and pipelines are extremely intensive. The surrounding environment is particularly sensitive. Therefore, the construction condition is very harsh. While the construction method designed by Sinorock […]