Design Parameter of Self Drilling Rock Bolt

With rapid development of economy, hydraulic engineering is more and more. Most of them exist in remote mountainous area with large drop and complicated geological condition, when encountering landslide, debris flow and other natural hazards, they will probably be destroyed. So, as an efficient anchoring method, self drilling rock bolt is widely used in many […]

Hollow Bar Applied to Chahanwusu Hydropower Station

In all kinds of engineering constructions, it’s common to see soft rock, fault fracture zone, high ground stress, large deformation and other complex geological conditions, which will cause great difficulty in the anchoring and shotcreting support construction. Especially the serious collapse occurs and the bolt needs lengthening, most bolts generally fail to reach the anchoring […]

Performance Comparison Between Common Bolt and Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor is the most economical and effective method for improving stability of geotechnical engineering, its emergence and development are also the mark of anchoring technology’s progress. Compared with common bolt, we should pay attention to self drilling anchor bolt’s economical efficiency from the perspective of long-term recessive benefit. With increase of infrastructure construction, […]