Several Questions During Self Drilling Rock Bolt Support

Self drilling rock bolt support has many advantages, such as instant bearing, large pretension force, good support effect, low labor strength and low cost, etc. Nowadays, self drilling rock bolt technology has become an effective way to realize high efficiency and production. While during construction process, there are several questions needs to be noticed: 1. […]

Features of Construction Technology in Geotechnical Engineering

As a construction technology in geotechnical engineering, anchor bolt has following several aspects’ features during construction. Carrying out specific improvement measures basing on features and then further improve construction efficiency. 1. Uncertainty. During construction of anchor bolt, geotechnical performance and structural parameters are easy to influenced by environmental condition and site data is gained less, […]

Large Diameter Threaded Rod for Pipe Shed Support

Pipe shed advanced support is an effective reinforcement method through the special geological section in tunnel construction. Large diameter threaded rod has a larger diameter than other common sizes, which is usually used for pipe shed advanced support and micropile. Large diameter threaded rod is applied for constructions of shallow buried parts of tunnel portal, […]

Pressure Grouting of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

There are three methods for pressure grouting of self drilling anchor bolt: infiltration-type grouting, fracturing grouting and compaction grouting. 1. Infiltration-Type Grouting Under pressure action, seriflux fills soil and rock’s cracks, squeezes out water and gas, and basically it doesn’t change soil and rock’s structure and volume. Pressure of this method is rather small. Infiltration-type […]