Expansion Shell Rock Bolting in TBM of Tunnel Construction

Diversion tunnel has characteristics of deep burial depth, high crustal stress and complex geological condition. Also, converging deformation is large at segment of deep burial depth, fault and crushed zones are many, joint is complex. So, it needs immediate support after excavation. During tunnel construction, mortar rock bolting can’t provide immediate support, supporting force of […]

The Technology of Ground Anchor System

The Technology of ground anchor system mainly refers to anchor bolt in stratum linking structures with rock soil body, transmitting structures’ tensile force or reinforcing rock soil body by relying on anti-shearing strength to keep stable of structures and rock soil body. Comparing with traditional methods of totally relying self intensity and gravity to make […]

Mechanical Behavior of Self Drilling Rock Bolt’s Load Transfer

The main function of self drilling rock bolt in concrete structure is bear tensile force to cover poor performance of tensile strength and shortage of ductility. Structurally, self drilling rock bolt is divided into anchorage section in rock body, free section between rock body and free section in concrete. Intense water pressure between concrete and […]