Self drilling rock bolting system is especially suitable for unstable ground conditions

According to the requirement of the design specification for railway roadbed structure, the anchor bar retaining wall can be applied to the normal area of rocky road, soil nailing wall can be used to the common area of soil and broken soft rock. In the underground water more developed area or loose slope soil, the […]

Technical measures for improving pulling force of self drilling rock bolt

1. Choose reasonable drilling technology 1) Drilling hole is strictly prohibited water, which should use high-pressure wind piercing, slag discharge, cooling operation; 2) For determine the diameter of drill bit, it’s should adopt drilling machine when drilling with self drilling rock bolt, check the verticality of the drill pipe, the anchor hole deflection, with footage […]

Characteristics and Processing Methods of Self – drilling anchor bolt’s Thread

Sinorock self-drilling anchor system is an advanced anchoring system that can directly perform drilling and grouting in loose soil and fractured rock formations, which include continuous full-thread hollow anchor bolts and other accessories. Self-drilling anchor system can be used as micro-piles and soil nails, which is a fast and efficient rock and soil anchoring solution. […]

Quality inspection and inspection of seamless steel pipes for making hollow bar micropiles

Hollow bar micropiles are made of seamless steel tube. The product quality of seamless steel pipe must be in accordance with product standards and technical specifications for a comprehensive inspection. Specific inspection, including chemical composition analysis of steel pipe, geometric size inspection, surface quality inspection, physical and chemical performance testing, process performance testing, metallographic analysis […]

Quality requirements of seamless steel tubes for making hollow bar micropiles

Sinorock is professional manufacturer in hollow bar micropiles, quality is core factor which can affect the service life of hollow bar micropiles. Seamless steel pipe is an important material for making self drilling hollow bar micropiles. As the working conditions and uses of seamless steel pipe is different, which has different requirements for its shape […]

Drill Hollow Bar Anchor’s Performance Test and Acceptance Test

Drill hollow bar anchor’s performance testing (also called destructive test or fundamental test) is to checkout designed drill hollow bar anchor’s performance before commencement of anchoring engineering. It aims to confirm drill hollow bar anchor’s ultimate bearing capacity and checkout drill hollow bar anchor’s working performance and safety degree under conditions of surpassing designed tension […]

The recessive benefit of anchor bolt

Anchor bolt is the most basic constituent part of tunnel support. It reinforces tunnel with surrounding rocks, realizing self-support. Now, anchor bolt can not only applied in tunnel, but also in engineering technology, having reinforcement for slope, mine, dam and infrastructure construction. Especially in fractured rock mass, the function of rock bolt is obvious. In […]

Basic Principles for Supporting Structure Design of Foundation Pit

Foundation pit engineering is systems engineering, belonging to temporary structure, which includes supporting system design and earth excavation, with strong integrity, strong regional, small safety stock and big risk. Supporting structure design of foundation pit should meet design requirements of 3 aspects: stability, strength and deformation. 1. Stability. It mainly refers to stability of surrounding […]