CTO: Mr.Xu

Anchoring industry is an industry with wide application and wide prospect. In the sub-field of self drilling anchor bolt, Sinorock has good performance. In the past few years, Sinorock provided high-quality products for clients and won great reputation.

It is challenging to work in Sinorock. I lead my team to develop new product, improve the property and technics of existing product, develop new equipment to improve production efficiency. Every work helps us to provide products with better quality and price for clients. In this sense, Sinorock is an innovative company.

Our products are used in many projects. We also provide on-site guidance to ensure construction goes well. In the process of serving the customer, we not only solve problems existing in the construction, but also realize the customer’s demands through communication, and further guide the direction of research and development.

With the development of the company, we are practicing our mission: Devoting ourselves to provide one-stop rock anchoring solution, which is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environment protective,for global rock anchoring project.

We have a long way to go and will make persistent efforts.

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