Large Diameter Threaded Rod for Pipe Shed Support

large diameter threaded rod

Pipe shed advanced support is an effective reinforcement method through the special geological section in tunnel construction. Large diameter threaded rod has a larger diameter than other common sizes, which is usually used for pipe shed advanced support and micropile.

Large diameter threaded rod is applied for constructions of shallow buried parts of tunnel portal, fault zones and sand belt in tunnel, collapsed tunnel and urban tunnel. During the construction, its advanced support will increase the safety of tunnel portal and improve the stability of tunnel.

Under the circumstance of weak and broken rocks, to prevent tunnel collapse and ensure the construction quality and the safety of workers, large diameter threaded rod is an ideal tool for pipe shed advanced support. It has the features as follows:

1. Reducing surface subsidence and preventing collapse effectively;
2. Improving bending strength and controlling inclination;
3. Applied to fault zones of excavation and tunnel portal;
4. Improving wall rock and make good adhesive strength by high-pressure grouting.

Lots of actual cases proved that the construction methods using pipe shed support with large diameter threaded rod can restrain deformation of soft surrounding rock, speed up construction schedule, and ensure safety and quality of construction.

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