World-class Self Drilling Anchor System

In 21st century, with the development of civil construction and architectural engineering, self drilling anchor system has been largely used. And because of the competition among companies which produce self drilling anchor productions, Sinorock has also been effected. So, how can we win the competition advantage and how can we produce the world-class self drilling […]

Application Prospect of High Performance Anchor Bolts

Currently, anchor bolts used in mine timbering are commonly have poor support ability and pre-stress. Because of the horizontal crustal stress, pressure bar destabilizing is easily happened on tunnel roof so that there will be tensile failure, abscission layer and tunnel fall of ground. Traditional anchor bolts have little influence to stress field of tunnel-surrounding. […]

Sinorock, a Quality Self Drilling Anchor Bolt System Supplier

To be a reliable manufacturer, Sinorock is making effects to produce quality self drilling anchor system. While, how can we make sure that we can provide quality self drilling anchor bolt system? Firstly, Sinorock owns a strong research and development team which includes more than 30 members. The team is composed of senior material engineers, […]

The Anchorage Design in the Hydropower Station—Indirect Analogy of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

The indirect analogy was applied widely in the three underground chambers in Hydropower Station. Though it can not explained clearly in theory that how the self drilling anchor bolt and the shotcrete work to support the underground structure, it is not argued the success was achieved in practice. Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt is a […]

The Detailed Rules of the Advance Anchor Bolt Construction Technology

The mainline tunnel in this section is mainly shallow tunnel with large cross-section. The grade of the surrounding rock is form IV to V class. The geological condition is relatively poor. According to the project situation, the self drilling anchor bolt was chosen as the basic supporting equipment considering the convenient construction and low cost. […]