Safe soil nails from Sinorock ensure the quality of construction

soil nail system

The development of vertical and sub-vertical elements to standard soil nail system has increased the use and application of soil nail earth retention and slope stabilization.

Advances in material such as fibre glass pipe which improves mechanical interaction with injected grout is used in the tunnel face. The use of double corrosion protection and durable epoxy coating has prompted the use of soil nailing to permanent structures. The use of hollow bar anchor technique which replaces the traditional drill and grout method and is used in difficult ground condition is been practised in the United States. The optical fibre monitoring system is used for evaluating the performance of a soil nailed slope.

From the case studies it is concluded that soil nailing technique is advantages and should be used on a large scale around the world and in many infrastructure projects.

Sinorock soil nail system makes construction safer,which can ensure the quality of construction.So Sinorock is the best choice for you.

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