Self drilling anchor bolt design will make tremendous contribution to civil constructions

self drilling anchor bolt design

In recent years, the apartment demand in Carolina is always growing. According to the experts, the apartment construction in South Carolina, US will boom in 2018 and continue its upward trend over the next 13 years. A recent study even showed the need for 63,000 units throughout South Carolina by 2030. In the Charleston region, the number of new and proposed units eclipses all other areas across the state, including Greenville-Spartanburg, where 3,000 units are under construction and another 3,700 are proposed. On the basis of Atlanta-based apartment information service RentPath, in greater Charleston, more than 7,200 units are being built, putting a dent in the projected demand of about 13,000 more by 2030. Besides, another 9,400 units are proposed. The national apartment construction culminated in the past few years and was set to peak in 2017 before leveling off. But the lack of skilled workers and the increased construction costs have pushed back the completion of many projects.

Self drilling hollow anchor bolt has been used for the civil constructions for many years. With the development of the society and the construction industry, we have more and more strict requirements on this technology. Fortunately, the self drilling anchor bolt design is always developing. Now it has become a simple, reliable, practical, time-saving and economic construction measure. The installation is extremely simply, which provides great benefits and convenience for the operation, so that workers can install it easily. In addition, the anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring in a single process, in this way the materials are greatly saved. The construction cost will go down naturally. Although the usage of the self drilling anchor bolt doesn’t require the use of temporary casing, the stabilization effect is impressive. With the formation of bearing structure by the anchor bolt and surrounding rocks, the reinforcement strength will be greatly increased. What’s more, the self drilling anchor bolt is applied to almost all kinds of ground conditions.

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