The recessive benefit of anchor bolt

Anchor bolt is the most basic constituent part of tunnel support. It reinforces tunnel with surrounding rocks, realizing self-support. Now, anchor bolt can not only applied in tunnel, but also in engineering technology, having reinforcement for slope, mine, dam and infrastructure construction. Especially in fractured rock mass, the function of rock bolt is obvious. In […]

The Supporting Theory of Anchor Bolt

The application of anchor bolt in mining industry can track back to the 1930s. Belonging to active supporting, anchor bolt can transform surrounding rock of roadway into supporting body. It has strong adaptability and small deformation. It can ensure safety in production and has brought great economic and social benefit. There are several supporting theories […]

The Technology of Ground Anchor System

The Technology of ground anchor system mainly refers to anchor bolt in stratum linking structures with rock soil body, transmitting structures’ tensile force or reinforcing rock soil body by relying on anti-shearing strength to keep stable of structures and rock soil body. Comparing with traditional methods of totally relying self intensity and gravity to make […]

Features of Construction Technology in Geotechnical Engineering

As a construction technology in geotechnical engineering, anchor bolt has following several aspects’ features during construction. Carrying out specific improvement measures basing on features and then further improve construction efficiency. 1. Uncertainty. During construction of anchor bolt, geotechnical performance and structural parameters are easy to influenced by environmental condition and site data is gained less, […]

Application of Anchor Bolt in Maocaoping Hydropower Station

For underground constructions, the ordinary bolt can’t play a great role in the serious collapse and extra long bolt needed conditions. The full thread anchor bolt comines drilling, grouting and anchoring functions together. It can improve the surrounding rock condition and achieve the ideal supporting effect in tunnel advanced support, radial support, all kinds of […]

Anchor Bolt Design Specification

Anchor bolt combines drilling, installing, grouting and anchoring together, is a well-designed system according to different site conditions, geological conditions and usage conditions, with high-efficient, reliable and convenient features, which ensures its anchoring effect in different and complex stratum. Before anchor bolt design, geological mechanical parameters of surrounding rocks should be comprehensive, accurate and reliable, […]

The Importance of Anchor Bolt Corrosion Resistance

Geotechnical anchoring technology was originated in England in the early 20th century. It skillfully uses the high tensile strength and elongation of anchor bolt, thus improving the strength and stability of rock-soil body, fully taping the potential of rock-soil body, effectively saving the cost of the project and being conducive to the construction safety, so […]