Safe soil nails from Sinorock ensure the quality of construction

The development of vertical and sub-vertical elements to standard soil nail system has increased the use and application of soil nail earth retention and slope stabilization. Advances in material such as fibre glass pipe which improves mechanical interaction with injected grout is used in the tunnel face. The use of double corrosion protection and durable […]

Drill Hollow Bar Anchor’s Performance Test and Acceptance Test

Drill hollow bar anchor’s performance testing (also called destructive test or fundamental test) is to checkout designed drill hollow bar anchor’s performance before commencement of anchoring engineering. It aims to confirm drill hollow bar anchor’s ultimate bearing capacity and checkout drill hollow bar anchor’s working performance and safety degree under conditions of surpassing designed tension […]

Applicable Strata and Advantages of Hollow Bar Anchor

Generally speaking, hollow bar anchor is suitable for all the strata that retaining wall and soil nail wall and also the prestressed cable bolt can apply to . For the anchoring technology which has drilling operation requirements, drilling is usually the most critical process and directly affect the bearing capacity of the hollow bar. Drilling […]