Applicable strata and advantages of self drilling bolts

Generally speaking, the self drilling anchor bolt is applicable for the stratum which suitable for retaining wall and soil nail wall, and it also suitable for the stratum which suitable for prestressed anchor bolt. For the anchoring technology with drilling operation, drilling often becomes the most critical process, and directly affects the bearing capacity of […]

Characteristics and Processing Methods of Self – drilling anchor bolt’s Thread

Sinorock self-drilling anchor system is an advanced anchoring system that can directly perform drilling and grouting in loose soil and fractured rock formations, which include continuous full-thread hollow anchor bolts and other accessories. Self-drilling anchor system can be used as micro-piles and soil nails, which is a fast and efficient rock and soil anchoring solution. […]

Pressure Grouting of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

There are three methods for pressure grouting of self drilling anchor bolt: infiltration-type grouting, fracturing grouting and compaction grouting. 1. Infiltration-Type Grouting Under pressure action, seriflux fills soil and rock’s cracks, squeezes out water and gas, and basically it doesn’t change soil and rock’s structure and volume. Pressure of this method is rather small. Infiltration-type […]

Performance Comparison Between Common Bolt and Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor is the most economical and effective method for improving stability of geotechnical engineering, its emergence and development are also the mark of anchoring technology’s progress. Compared with common bolt, we should pay attention to self drilling anchor bolt’s economical efficiency from the perspective of long-term recessive benefit. With increase of infrastructure construction, […]

The Distinctions Between R-Thread and T-Thread Self Drilling Anchor

Sinorock, as an experienced manufacturer, is specialized in the development, production and sales of anchoring products. Self drilling anchor is the core product of Sinorock and it divides into R-thread and T-thread self drilling anchor. R-thread and T-thread all belongs to large-pitch thread. Compared with traditional Metric screw thread, they have lower adhesive strength with […]

The Deformation Processing of Zhegu Mountain Tunnel

Zhegu Mountain Tunnel is the longest plateau highway tunnel in China at present, it is located in Sichuan Province. The elevation is 3400 meters and whole length is 4480 meters, which has the properties of high-attitude, severe-cold and low-oxygen content. Fault fractured zone is along the line, so geological condition is quite complex. During construction, […]

Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Weak and Loose Slope Conditions —— Taking Zipingpu Project For Example

Zipingpu Hydroelectric Station is located on the upper reaches of Minjiang River, Sichuan Province, about 9 kilometers away from Dujiangyan City, which is a comprehensive water conservancy project including irrigation, water supply, electricity generation, flood prevention, tourism and so on. The total installed capacity is 4*190MW, annual electricity production is 34.7*108kw•h. The intake tower on […]