Applicable strata and advantages of self drilling bolts

Generally speaking, the self drilling anchor bolt is applicable for the stratum which suitable for retaining wall and soil nail wall, and it also suitable for the stratum which suitable for prestressed anchor bolt. For the anchoring technology with drilling operation, drilling often becomes the most critical process, and directly affects the bearing capacity of […]

Application of self drilling anchor in building foundation

Self drilling anchor as a kind of simple, reliable, practical and efficient construction method. The micro pile technique is a reliable system that can bear large axial or lateral loads. And it has little interference on the the existing structure. The self drilling anchor bolt is used in the foundation engineering. When the self drilling […]

The recessive benefit of anchor bolt

Anchor bolt is the most basic constituent part of tunnel support. It reinforces tunnel with surrounding rocks, realizing self-support. Now, anchor bolt can not only applied in tunnel, but also in engineering technology, having reinforcement for slope, mine, dam and infrastructure construction. Especially in fractured rock mass, the function of rock bolt is obvious. In […]

Pressure Grouting of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

There are three methods for pressure grouting of self drilling anchor bolt: infiltration-type grouting, fracturing grouting and compaction grouting. 1. Infiltration-Type Grouting Under pressure action, seriflux fills soil and rock’s cracks, squeezes out water and gas, and basically it doesn’t change soil and rock’s structure and volume. Pressure of this method is rather small. Infiltration-type […]

Performance Comparison Between Common Bolt and Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor is the most economical and effective method for improving stability of geotechnical engineering, its emergence and development are also the mark of anchoring technology’s progress. Compared with common bolt, we should pay attention to self drilling anchor bolt’s economical efficiency from the perspective of long-term recessive benefit. With increase of infrastructure construction, […]