The Reconstruction Project of Chinese National Museum Sinorock Involved Won China Building Construction Luban Awards

The Reconstruction Project of Chinese National Museum Sinorock Involved Won China Building Construction Luban Awards

Chinese National Museum is located in the east of Tiananmen Square, which was opposite the Great Hall of the People. The total construction area of 191900 ㎡. The north-south length is 319.60m, the east-west width is 194.80m and building height is 42.5m. The reconstruction project of Chinese National Museum Sinorock involved won China Building Construction Luban Awards.

Project Profile

The main building is reinforced concrete structure and piled raft foundation. The steel truss structures were adopted in most of the floors and the on the roof. Several groups of reinforced concrete cylinder was arranged relatively evenly on the plane combined with the elevators and machine rooms. Then the structural resistance to lateral force system was formed. Relating to the vertical support structure, it adopted the composite wall of steel plates and concrete and steel-reinforced concrete column. The roof plate adopted reinforced floor system.

Technology Innovations and New Technology Applications:

1. Apply the composite shear wall of steel plate and concrete for the first time. The calculation method of bearing capacity was put forward according to the theory and experimental investigation, which has settled the problems on design and construction.

2. Research the floor comfortableness of the long-span steel truss and steel bar truss system for the first time, which filled the void in this filed at home and abroad.

3. Comprehensive construction technology of supporting in the deep foundation pit. Adopt the supporting method to add jet grouting piles between slope protection piles. Improve the pre-stress lock value of self drilling anchor bolts appropriately.
The necessary requirement should be firstly grasped before designing the foundation support program. It includes the engineering geological investigation data, the project geological environment, the slope failure mode of the planned foundation side wall, the deadline of engineering quality guarantee, the maximum allowed deformation of the foundation side wall, filed experiment material, self-stabilization time and height of the side wall.

4. Adopt the installation technology of the double-layer steel trusses in large space for the first time. Make the technical installation route of integrated and complex steel truss structure according to circumstances.

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